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I don't like my stepdad...

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  • ccsmod9

    You mentioned some things that raise concern for your safety and well-being. If any harm or abuse is happening at home, you have the right to report it. We are not experts on the issue, but generally once it's been reported, social services will either decide whether or not to take the case and further investigate. If they do take the case, they will send out someone from child protective services to do an investigation (interviewing people in the household) and from there they will decide the level of danger within the household. It generally ranges from no danger (the youth stays in the home, some services are given, and the case is closed), moderate danger (they will provide family services with possible temporary displacement) and high danger (they will remove the youth from the home and offer certain services).

    If you feel like this is an option you want to explore, you may find this website helpful: We can also help you to file a report if that’s the route you are considering.

    Please be safe and reach out soon by phone or chat so that we may help.
    Take care,

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    Guest started a topic I don't like my stepdad...

    I don't like my stepdad...

    I feel that my stepdad is a very controlling person. Or maybe I’m just being over dramatic . After literally eight months of being in school he now tells me to go to bed at 9pm. And if I ever get a bad grade, I’m not aloud in my room, and I have to do the dishes at a certain time. I’m not aloud to do anything. He yelled at me because I was late to class(Which I usually never am). Once he calls me downstairs I feel I have to stay downstairs. Like when I walk away he always has something that makes me stay downstairs. He never listens. My mom argues with him a lot. She yells at him for being too demanding and being a hypocrite. I just want her to leave him already. Every time he’s around I just get so sad! And the days he has work or school and Someone asks him to do something, he always says he has to go, but he just ate a whole meal and watched Netflix for hours when he was supposed to go two hours ago. He even asked me what me password was for my iPad, which I feel I shouldn’t have given him. He didn’t pay for my dad did. I’m not sure if this is just normal, but he really doesn’t make me feel good as a person.
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