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    Re: We have no money

    Thanks so much for writing on our bulletin boards and sharing some of what’s going on right now. It sounds like it’s an extremely difficult time. From all you wrote, it seems a lot has changed with your parents divorce. It must have been so hard to give your puppy away. Animals sometimes as close to other humans are to us; it sounds like you were really close with your puppy.

    It seems like your biggest concern right now, though, is the fact that your parents, especially your mom, are struggling financially. You mentioned that you’re on welfare, but it’s only your dad and he splits the check and gives your mom half. You’re right, $350 a month is not a lot. It takes a lot more to live and survive. Do you know if your mom or dad has reached out to any social service organizations in the area for help? There are some organizations that can help with temporary financial assistance (such as paying bills, etc) as well as help find material goods for people (food, clothing). A lot of times these types of organizations can also help find housing for people that are in jeopardy of losing their current house or are already living on the streets. A couple places that your parents can try are the Salvation Army ( and Catholic Charities ( We included their websites, so you can find the one in your local area to contact. Another place that might be able to refer your parents to services is the United Way ( It’s possible that places such as these will be able to assist your family through this time of struggle.

    You mentioned that there’s often not food in the house and you end up being really hungry. We’re so sorry to hear that you have to go through all this. Are you in school right now? Are you able to each lunch when you go to school? If not, many times schools are able to help families that are struggling financially by offering the students free lunches. You’d probably have to go to a guidance counselor to find out more about if your school has a program like this.

    Do you have any family members you could stay with for a while? Or maybe a friend’s house? Some place you’d feel safe, comfortable and well fed until your mom can get on her two feet again?

    You’re a great daughter to try to help your parents out. It makes sense why you’re so concerned too, because even though it is something your parents have to try to figure out, it’s affecting you a great deal. Just so you know, you’re welcome to call us here anytime if you want to talk more in depth about any of this. We’re available 24/7. Even if you just want someone to talk to, we’re here for that. Good luck with everything.

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    Guest started a topic We have no money

    We have no money

    My parents got recently divorced and im devastated...i had to give away my puppy and it killed me to do so, i loved her more then anyone in the world. i am very depressed because we have no money, i am living with my mom, and dad sends a check once a month, we do get the check that all parens get when they have kids..i cant remember what its called. But now dad split the chck so he can give it tice a month, but that means we only get two hundred at the first of the month, and 150 at the last, i know it seems like alot, but it isnt, i am hungry all the time, and i cant even afford a hat or gloves, dad is giving the check tomorrow but it is only the hundred and fifty, and mom has to pay bills with the other thing, so i dont know what to do, because we dont have any food right now, we will get some tomorrow, but we will be hungry again soon, and top it all off, mom doesnt have a job, and dad is bringing mom to court to get the house, and for some reason well fare wont help mom, i dont really know why..but yah, so now if dad gets the house, we will end up on the please..i need your help, i cant do this much me figure somthine out..
    ps. i already talked to mom and she knows how i feel but she cant do anything, i talked to dad to, he wont either
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