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I'm 16 and in need of help.

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  • ccsmod9
    Thank you for reaching out to us here at NRS. We can understand you must be going through a stressful time and it can often make you one feel alone or without help. Our hope is that we might give you options and help give you resources so that you might be able to make an informed decision on your current situation.

    We are very sorry to hear about the situation. We know that it must feel terrible to have to deal with so many issues going on at home. From what we gather about your situation it seems like your mom has been neglecting you for quite some time. Know that if you no longer feel at safe at home you have the right to be. You can call the authorities or even call us here at NRS where we call along with you to help assist. What this might help with is that if the cops were called they would seek to place you with family you trusted or felt safe with. That way your mom would not be able to take you back. Another option to think about is telling a school teach or counselor. They would be able to help guide you in this situation and help you get to a much safer place. Some other options can include calling the National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-422-4453) and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (1-800-843-5678 ). These hotlines would help you tell your story and help guide you in the next steps of their journey. We know that doing something like this is hard but know that there are people that want to help and guide you along the way. Know that we are here to help and we are here to listen.

    Again we commend you for reaching out to us. It is difficult to feel alone or not know what to do. We hope that we have given you more resources into making a decision. If any questions or concerns arise please do not hesitate to call us at (1-800-786-2929) or online through our chat option at (

    Best Wishes-NRS

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  • Guest
    Guest started a topic I'm 16 and in need of help.

    I'm 16 and in need of help.

    I'm 16 and I don't want to live with my family anymore. My mom finds every opportunity to blame my grandma for everything even though she takes care of HER kids. She would rather go out to eat with her friends than cook for me my older brother my little sister and little brother. My brother is addicted to weed and drinks alcohol, the worst part of that is my mom buys it for him and they get my 11 year old sister involed with the beer, I've even heard her ask for it like it was natural for her. Her judgement is irrational and she jumps to conclusions. When I tried talking about it she tried to make herself seem like the victim saying "I sorry I'm a disappointment to you."

    I have nowhere to go. If I go to my uncle's it aunt's house they can easily get to me. I want to go to my school and get the education I need to have a good life but I just can't live in this house anymore. Please help.
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