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    my life is in a mess at the moment, I'm emotionally tired all the time, extremely stressed. and I just want to leave, I'm 17 and I'm tired of living with my parents, I cat wait til I am 18 to get out of this house. my parents take care of my basic needs, food, clothes on my back a roof over my head, but that is where the care ends. my mom doesn't respect my privacy, and constantly bribes manipulate and dad yells, gets in my face and intimidates every chance he gets, and while there are days we are calm and we are a happy family. most days I'm hiding in my room avoiding my parents, I want to leave but I don't want to run away but I dot want to wait till I'm 18. (which is a little less than 9 months away, and if I have to wait I will) I just want someone to vent to without being insecure about wasting others time.

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out to us at the National Runaway Safeline. We're sorry to hear about everything that is going on and want you to know that you deserve to feel safe and happy in your home. It's ok if you just want to talk to someone and just want to feel heard and respected. We are here 24/7 to do just that, at 1-800-786-2929, if that's what you need.

    If you ever want help looking into alternative youth housing, identifying other people that could help you talk to your parents or advocate for you to them, or need a safe place in case you ever do run away, don't hesitate to give us a call. We're here to help. Here to listen.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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      I'm 17 and i work two jobs . i Live with my mom and her husband , its been about 3 years stuff has been rough at home me and my stepdad have gotten into physical fights where i end up leaving the house and my mom could care less where im at to defend her husband . My biological dad had been in jail for 12 years in those 12 years me and her haven't gotten along , its constant fighting and now its gotten pretty much worse.I try to make her happy i give her money i try what i can nothing works i turn 18 in June , but i've really had it im still in school but i just feel attacked everyday , i want advice on how i can leave.


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        Thank you for reaching out and sharing a little bit about what’s been going on. It must be so stressful to feel attacked every day, both physically and emotionally. You don’t deserve to be treated that way. You deserve to be loved, supported, and respected at home. It’s understandable that you would want to remove yourself from what seems like a toxic situation. You mention that you’ve gotten into physical fights with your stepfather. This is absolutely not okay and you do have the right to contact the police or child protective services. For more information on that, you can call Child Help at 1-800-422-4453.
        We aren’t legal experts, so we can’t give legal advice, but we’ll do our best to give you some options. Since you are 17, you would technically need parental consent to leave home; the easiest way to leave home as a minor is with permission. It could be an option to ask your mom if you can stay with a friend or family member. Another option you could consider is emancipation, which is a legal process whereby you’d become your own legal guardian. Emancipation typically is a lengthy process and can cost money. The first step is generally to get a lawyer. If you need legal resources, you’re welcome to give us a call at 1-800-786-2929. You would need to be able to prove that you can support yourself without a guardian. You mention that you have two jobs, which could make you a good fit for emancipation.
        All of that being said, we understand that it may not be an option to ask for permission or to go through emancipation. If you decide to leave without permission, keep in mind that your mom would have the right to file a runaway report and if the police are able to find you they may return you home. Usually, there are no legal consequences that you would face for running away. Before going, you may want to consider the following: where you’d go, how you’d get there, how long you’d stay, what you’ll do about school and budgeting, etc.
        Thank you again for reaching out. We hope this was helpful and we encourage you to reach out by phone if you need additional resources or need help figuring out your options. Our number is 1-800-786-2929 and our lines are always open if you'd like to speak more specifically about what's going on. If you have a moment, we'd appreciate your feedback of our crisis services at the following link:
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