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  • ccsmod3
    Re: Please help!!!

    Hello and thanks for reaching out on our online forum. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot in your 13 years and are trying to do what you need to in order to keep yourself safe. We’re very sorry you’ve had to deal with your mom and dad’s problems on top of having your mom emotionally and physically abuse you. You certainly don’t deserve to be abused and do have the right to report any abuse. If that’s something you’re interested in we can help you through that process. There is also Child Help of America.
    As far as what’s going relatively well, it sounds like your grandparents play a major role in your life and would be a living arrangement where you’d feel comfortable. We imagine they love you very much and are happy to have you in their lives. We aren’t sure, but maybe having them go to court for custody might be an option. If so, you could try talking to them about that next Thursday. Besides your grandparents you also mentioned almost killing yourself and shared you’ve gotten close to that point. We are not here to judge you, but there is support out there if you begin feeling that way again. We’re here to listen and provide support to the best of our ability too. Hopefully that helps and it works out with your grandparents.

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    Guest started a topic Please help!!!

    Please help!!!

    I'm 13 years old, my mom is a phone addict and always is bringing guys home and my dad does drugs and has warrenents out for his arrest and really my only safe haven is school and when I'm with my grandparents. I legally stay with my grandparents on Thursdays, every other weekend and six weeks during the summer. My mom is emotionally and physically abusive to me, she is usually always on my case and my little sister is always causeing me to get in trouble and my mom favors my sister over me. My mom hasn't bought me anything clothes,birthday presents, etc. for 4 years now. Everything I have is from my grandparents such as clothes bras shoes my mom is also on food stamps and NEVER GOES OVER THE AMOUNT of money on the card. My mom has called me names such as a b**** and stupid and etc and she spankes me hits me etc. I have almost ran away several times and sometimes it gets so bad were i have almost killed my self or thought about and one time I even got so close to killing my self where I wrote a note and you know almost killed my self. I really want to live with my grandparents. They care deeply about me and care about my options and encourage me to do great things. Please help me
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