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Im 14 and i want to run away... but i dont know what to do.

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  • Im 14 and i want to run away... but i dont know what to do.

    I'm scared i'm going to be hurt in my home, my father is a very jealous and controlling person who does not let my mother do anything and it affects me because whenever she does anything he comes to me.. he starts calling me, texting me... trying to manipulate me to tell my mom to call him... sometimes he even threatens me he says if i don't do what he says hes going to hurt me.... it got to a point where he used to hit my mother...and he does not leave my mother alone he always ends up getting her back.... he came close to hitting me multiple times.. .. even as i'm typing this hes texting me about my mother with more and more threats and its why i decided on this...there is so much more that i'm too scared to mention in case some how he finds this and figures out its me....

    I would call the cops on him but would that be enough to send him away from me I don't know exactly how to prove to the cops... and even if I do prove it he will come back eventually so I rather run away.

    I want to run away but I don't have a solid plan, I can pack clothes and some food but the food wont last... not to mention that I don't know where I would sleep since I have no friends who are in state, and what if a cop catches me what then... I don't want to see my father ever again.

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    Hi there,
    Thanks for reaching out to the National Runaway Safeline and sharing what is going on. I do want to say we are confidential and we won’t share any of your information unless you give us permission to. It sounds like you are in a tough situation and your relationship with your dad is really complicated and hurtful.
    It sounds like there is a cycling pattern going on and its not fair you are in the middle of it. A could resources you can reach out to for help if you decided to report what is going on is Child Help 1-800-422-4453 and the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 where you can remain anonymous or ask questions about what could happen.
    We aren’t legal experts, but we have general knowledge about running away. In most states, running away isn’t illegal, but what is called a status offense. You can’t get arrested for it but it will mostly likely go on your record until you are 18. The police will only know if you have runaway if your parents/guardians file a police report. We can’t say for sure how the police will respond, but we hear a lot that police will take potential places you might be and will actively search for you. If they come across you, the most likely will return you home to your parents. Sometimes we hear that if you are staying with someone who knows you are a runaway and are not actively trying to return you or finding shelter for you, your guardians/or police can press charges against the people who are housing you, with something that is called harboring. One of our main goals is to make sure you are safe, so if you ever seriously decide to run away and need shelter, resources, or a safe place to go you can find safe locations at or reach out to us directly and we can find local resources in your area.
    We are here for you and will support you in anyway that we can. Please feel free to call into us directly as we can talk further about your situation and find resources that are best for you in your area. Stay strong and you are not alone in this! Our hotline ( 1-800-RUNAWAY) and chat are open 24/7.
    We hope this response was helpful! We'd love to hear from you about your experience using our crisis email/forum. Your feedback plays an important role in helping us improve our services to support youth and families. Please click the link below to fill out our survey.
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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