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  • is been t00 much!

    im so stresseddd..nd tyreddd..q0inq t0 skool es jusz so hard nd stressful! deenn dere is so much pr0blems at parents arque over anythinq..they always blame me for thinqs i dont do. i dont even be doinq that much bad thinqs nd when i do they scream too much and theyy abuse me phisicallyy it just really hurts my feelinqs.i feel like im alone when they do that.they dont understand mee.they never let me do nothinq.i dont qot no independence at all.and if i complain they qet really madd.then i always arque wyt my sister.i just cant stand it.i tell them how i feel and they dont do nothinq bout it.i just wunt to qo far away from them.i dont wunna b wyth them anymoree..sometimes i even feel like killinq myself but then i realize that isnt the solution for the problems..i just need help..i cant take it no more pleaseeeeeee help meee.

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    Re: is been t00 much!


    Thank you very much for reaching out to us at the National Runaway Switchboard and we hope that you keep doing this, so that you are able to figure out all options available to you. We are sorry for what your parents have done to you. It sounds like a tough position to be in right now. It must be really hard for you to deal with the feelings of being alone with no one to turn to for help. We hope that you can recognize in us an agency that cares for your needs and we are ultimately concerned for your safety. Have you thought about reporting the fact that your parents hit on you?

    Although we stress our confidentiality policy with our post, we are also mandated to report abuse. We are in no position to define abuse because this is left in the hands of Child Protective Services. However, we can get the process going in the case you needed to find a way to report on these things with the proper authorities. When we talk about mandating reporting while maintaining confidentiality, what we mean is that our agency do not ask for names, numbers and addresses of your parents unless you choose to give these things to us in the event you decided to call us to report abuse. By this we also mean, if you choose to give us these demographic and geographic info and changed your mind, if are still obligated by law to call your regional protective services or 24 hrs abuse reporting line. We can still talk to you and offer you options for how to maintain during these difficult times if you choose to not go in this direction.

    Have you spoken to any adults outside of your parents about what is happening in your home? Do you attend school locally? School counselors and even nurses are all mandated reporters and are required by law to take your case seriously if they notice anything weird going on. Has anyone approached you or noticed bruises on your body at school?

    There are no exact guarantees for what the outcome of filing an abuse report could be. Generally, you can be taken out of the home if your parents were found to be incapable of caring or keeping you safe. The flip side is that there needs be evidence that suggest that and even with some evidence, no one can say for sure what Child Protective Services will do to handle the situation. It is said that CPS tend to reach for family reunification and this means that they can offer your parents family therapy, etc in order to keep the family together.

    You stated that you do some bad things. What are those and do you feel your action merits the punishment you received from your parents? Do you find you have to "walk easy" around your parents to avoid trouble? What can we do to help you figure out ways to distract from home or other ways to cope with this tough situation? We truly want to hear from you. What might you do in the next few days to settle some of it at home or even away from home if you decided to leave? Is leaving an option for you and what sort of plan do you have in mind for surviving? We are not able to tell you what to do because we are anonymous and never judge you.

    We are here to offer support and provide you with other resources to help deal with the crisis. All of our liners are trained in crisis intervention and they are great at providing a listening ear to our callers. Have you thought about calling us for some support? Sometimes it helps to get certain things off your chest and we hope that you consider this option. We can be reached 24 hrs a day at 1800RUNAWAY if you are interested in speaking to someone lived. We hope you consider some of the options available to you and please keep us posted about other ways we could help out. Good luck.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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