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    So I'm in trouble again, because I got caught doin something, because my sister,whos supposed to be my best friend, told on me.
    I really can't believe she would betray me like that, and it mamkes me really sad.
    So anyways, my mom took my phone away and says I'm grounded till I'm 18.(I'm 17 right now)

    I need to leave, I need to be free. Running is the only option, I've done it before. If I can't get connected with this agency that helps teens go through transitional living, I"m either running, or....well, suicide is in my head right now because I refuse to live here anymore.

    I cut pretty bad tonight.
    I just don't know what to do anymore, I know I messed up, and that I've done it a lot.but everyone makes mistakes! My family really just doesn't get anything, they don't understand me at all and right now I'm so depressed I feel like dying.

    I need to get out,somehow.

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    Re: Given up


    we appreciate you taking the time to contact us in your time of dispair and uncertainty.
    We are very concern about your feelings of suicide and want to extend an invitation to call us or someone to talk more about your situation and to take a look at all of your options. We would like to hear about what happen tonight and what you consider to be a bad thing. We're sorry to hear that you feel betrayed by your sister and the saddness you feel because of it. Hey being grounded sucks.What do you think you can you learn from it? You said everyone makes mistakes and you've made a few. What can you do to avoid making them? Are you a person who makes quick deciesions? like without giving things much thought. If you are can you try to think things through and consider the options along with the consequences? Perhaps talking things over with someone first. Is it possible your sister told your parents out of concern for you? Did you ask her? You said you cut yourself tonight do you think you need to be seen by a doctor? Have you cut before? It must be very difficult for you right now and we appreciate your honesty.
    You mentioned you're not sure what to do anymore and you know you messed up. Isn't that a sign you regonize what happened. Is running away or suicide the only options? What about this transitional living
    program you spoke of can you wait to call in the morning to talk to someone? You said your family just does not get it and that they don't understand you. What is it you want them to understand about you? Would you consider talking with someone like a counselor or a mediator to help you try to get through to them? Are your thoughts racing right now? Have you tried pacing youself? Slowing down taking a deep breath. Have you considered the possibility that perhaps you don't have to do anything right now but relax and try to stay calm? Please consider calling us at 1-800-Runaway our 24hr hotline. We're here to listen to whatever you have to say. That you can be sure of so think about it and we hope to hear from you.
    We are also listing two other referrals for you.

    National Suicide Hotline
    1-800-273-Talk (8255) 24hrs.
    Covenant House
    1-800-999-9999 (24hrs)

    Hey thanks again for contacting us we really hope things work out most positive for you.



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