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im lost and confused, sick and tired, and wanting to run

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    Re: im lost and confused, sick and tired, and wanting to run


    Thank you for contacting us at the National Runaway Switchboard and we hope that by writing to us you can think of us as your new support network to collaborate with, especially when you need someone to talk to or guide you towards a better plan. After we read you post, we thought about your language and how you continually juxtapose what you yearn for and also what you have already completed for far in your life. It sounds like you have a lot going for you but you also have your reasons for leaving behind all that you have gained so far. We commend you on thinking things through and realizing that it is best to really have a concrete plan so that you do not end up on the streets.

    We are always here for you 24 hours a day and you can reach us at 1800RUNAWAY to talk about anything you have on your mind and to figure out resources. We have lots of referrals for you if you wanted to stay at a shelter or find counseling agencies in your home town or elsewhere you travel to. We are not a liberty to tell you what to do but we hope that you can continue to trust us to be confidential when you call and that we are never going to judge you. One of the few places you can stay other than friends and family when you choose to leave is a shelter but shelters are expected to notify or call your parents for consent. This leaves the option of allowing your parents to find out where you are. However, you can also get advocates from other agencies such as protective services to intervene if you are not safe to return home and to do an investigation to help figure out the best place for you to go. We are mandated reports and can report abuse but we remain confidential if you choose to not give us names, numbers and addresses of parents.

    We did not really get a sense of what you are dealing with and wish that you elaborate more on it so that we can help you figure out a way to cope or get help for that particular issue. We want to hear from you and hope that you call us soon. We realize that you are a very smart individual because of what you already stated in your post and know that you will continue to make the right choices. We hope that you stay safe and count on us when you need us most. Please let us know what we can do to help. Good luck.


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    Guest started a topic im lost and confused, sick and tired, and wanting to run

    im lost and confused, sick and tired, and wanting to run

    Im tired of school, my family problems and many other. I want to runaway but then again i dnt. I just wana go away for a little while but i do wana come back. I wana be away from family, school, friends and all that. If i had money then i wouldnt even be on here, i would have been went sumwere, but do to the fact that i dnt, i dnt knw what to do. I belive money is always the main issue wen it comes to a teen running away. If i had alot of money i would have been gone, trust me. If i leave ima make sure ima be with sumone or sumwer, im not gona leave my home to stay on the streets, if thats wer i end up after awhile then ima just try n find a way to get back home fast. But as of right now, im really really considering going away for awhile. Im in the 11th so im almost out of school. I would be leaving behind skool, my family and some other things that i got goin on, its almost like dropping out, but im sooo tired of it. I have SUCH big dreams but im really starting to just give up on em. Im getting to the point where i just dnt give a care about alot of things. But my future and life is really at stakes if i leave. But i do think about just taking classes later on in life maybe to get my diploma and move forward that way wen i get myself and thoughts together. I havent had a good experience with the real world just yet but im gona find out wen and if i leave. I pray i come back in one piece, if at all. Im really convinced to leave right if anyone has anything to say or any advice or if u need me to give u more info or details about wats goin on in my life then PLEASE reply/respond to me........i would really like to hear from u
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