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    Hi. I’m 17, I’ll be 18 in October. I recently moved out of my mothers house(my mother and I came up with this together), in with my aunt, and to a completely new city and school. I didn’t realise how much of a mistake it was until I actually went through with it. My aunt and her husband are fine. It’s the school that is my problem. I can not stand the school, there are too many people that hate me because of my last name. (my dad went to this school and made a lot of enemies) And I don’t really feel safe. Don’t get me wrong, I can defend myself if needed, but that is what I’m wanting to avoid. I have told my mom but she won’t move me back to my old city and old school. My girlfriend lives in my old city still and her parents are okay with me staying there with them.
    I was wondering that if I were to runaway from my aunt’s house and move in with my girlfriend, would I get in trouble, would my girlfriend’s parents get in trouble, would my mom have any control because I don’t even live with her anymore, would I be able to transfer schools without my mother.
    I have already talked to my mother and she said that she won’t move me back. I know I said I’ll be 18 in a few months and most people will just say to wait, but I do not think I can wait much longer. Yes I know I sound impulsive, but only with good reasons. Any assistance would be great.

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    Hi there, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of things you’re struggling with right now. It’s great that you have the support of your girlfriend, and I’m sure being so far away from your support system is difficult when you’re going through so much.

    Overall it seems like your main concern is determining what would happen if you tried to run away to your girlfriend’s home. This depends on a number of different factors, so let’s break them down. We’re not legal experts here, but we can talk about what happens in general. If you were to run away before you turn 18, then your legal guardian (I wasn’t entirely sure whether that’s your aunt or your mother) could file a runaway report. Since you’re close to 18, some police departments may not choose to pursue this, but others would. If a report was filed and you were found, you would just be brought back to your guardian. However, if a runaway report was filed and you were under 18, then your girlfriend’s parents (and your girlfriend if she is over 1 could be charged with harboring a runaway. So to answer your question, they could get in trouble, but it just depends on whether reports are filed and what the police decided to do with them.

    As far as transferring schools, that would be a question that a guidance counselor could likely answer for you. Policies on transferring vary a lot based on your location, so it’s hard to speak to how that would go. Speaking to a guidance counselor may also be beneficial in terms of what’s going on at school. If people are treating you badly, they may be able to intervene in some way, or at least put some trusted teachers on the lookout for that sort of thing.

    If you ever need some more support with the things you’re struggling with, know that we are available 24/7 and we’re here to listen. Feel free to reach out to us any time at 1-800-Runaway.

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