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My dad choked me

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    My mom recently bought a laptop case for my new laptop and left it on my bed. Neither of us knew that the laptop case was infested with ants. When I approached my bed, the ants were all crawling all over my bed from below the laptop case, and I freaked out at the ungodly amount. I screamed and approached my mom down the hallway, alarmed and signaling her to help me out with this, since I have a low tolerance for ants as proven by how I behaved in the past. She interprets this as me blaming her for giving my bed ants, which is not the case. As I return to my room with ant spray, my mother explodes and starts fuming about how ungrateful I am and how the ants in my room were my fault instead, and throws the plastic in my face to "prove" her innocence. Her anger escalates after I assert that she didn't have to do that, to which she throws a slipper at my thigh, leaving a bruise. I dismiss her, saying that I wasn't blaming her, and if she didn't want to help me, then she could've said no. I close the door and lock it, but she instead bangs on my door and starts throwing things from the outside to scare me into coming out of the room. I can hear her calling me "ungrateful brat" and "selfish." I leaned my entire body against the door to prevent her from coming in. She was close to, since she was able to lockpick the door lock. I stood near the door and waited for her to leave for work 4 hours later. All while that happened, my dad continued his business outside the house despite hearing the atrocity inside.

    After she left for work, it was safe for me to exit into the hallway/kitchen to make dinner. My father enters the kitchen from the garage and asks me what happened. I told him that I didn't want to talk about it, and that he can talk to me about it tomorrow. My father refuses my request, and insistently probes me for an immediate answer. He went as far to ask why I was being disrespectful to my mother during the whole ordeal, to which I slammed my food down onto the counter and walked away. While I was walking away, my father lunged at me with both his arms out and chokes my neck to keep me in place. That has never happened before. I push him away and tell him to go away, and as I try to walk away a second time, he roughly grabs my arm instead and I pull it off. I went back to my room and locked the door, refusing to talk to my father through the door, and barricaded myself in for the rest of the night. All while both incidents were happening, my brother neglected to intervene at all and resumed his video games.

    I move out of the house in two days for college. I know I can be strong enough to handle whatever those two days may be, but, I can't overlook how my father placed his hands on me twice deliberately. My mother's anger control is low, and it's not the first time she's acted out of control over conflict. There have been cases where a dispute would happen in the car while she is dropping, and demands for everyone to shut up before "her temper" does something to the car, insinuated that there was a probability she would intentionally endanger the car if anyone continued to speak against her. She has no difficulty insulting our immediate family with harmful words, and expresses her anger physically by throwing items she is holding. I've also seen her attempt to hit my dad with both a broom before. What am I supposed to do? They are also helping me pay for college, and I'm scared that getting justice or closure for myself would result in the loss of that financial help..​


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      Hi thank you for reaching out. That sounds like an overwhelming situation to have experienced. It sounds like it all started from the surprising amount of ants on your bed and that your mom extremely overreacted. That was also very wrong for dad to react by physically harming you and trying to choke you, that is never okay. It’s frustrating as well that your brother did not help at all and just seemed to continue on with what he was doing. It is helpful that you are going off to college soon and will not be at home. It is your decision on how you want to move forward and you absolutely deserve justice if that is what you are wanting to do. It sounds like a concern would be if your parents then decided to not pay for college if you went the route of involving police. It is not our place to say what you do, but we can definitely talk through the different options and help you come to making a decision about it. If you are interested in this, please either call our hotline 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or chat us online at We hope to hear from you soon.
      Be safe,
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