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I'm ready to leave can't take it anymore

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  • I'm ready to leave can't take it anymore

    Ok so I'm 17 years old and ready to move out of my house I can't stand being here any longer I feel like a prisoner of my own home and I guess I can start to when it first began my mother started dating this guy she knew from her childhood and that's were things went down hill she started being more rude and over protected then usual when ever I would ask to go anywhere with my friends it was always no or just an excuse like she's to tired to answer me (hahaha that one always makes me laugh) now kid u not this was going on for a long time and I realized I couldn't stand my mother so when I got home from school even if I was having a good day I hated the thought of even coming home cuz I knew she was going to yell at me for something so I though that if I went straight to my room and shut the door and say nothing to her that would make things better ( Iigit don't even come out of my room to eat because I don't want to argue with her) but she still found things to get angry at me about like not cleaning the fridge or the stove so even when I would clean it she would say her boyfriend dose a better job them I do and let's pause here so I can talk about the boyfriend now he currently dose not have a job as well as my mother doesn't either and let me say something about her everyone in my house can vouch for me when I say this that my mother is the laziest person in the world she won't clean anything at all she sits at home wait for me to get home to clean up after her and her boyfriend mess now he is good at cleaning up after himself but now that he got a little comfortable he tried to tell me what to do or tell me I was lazy then my sister who works her ass off day and night trying to feed us he's going to the store getting snacks for himself and my mom just letting him and I looking at her like wtf are u kidding me we are going to starve because u want to please your boyfriend anyways I can go on and on about him but let's get back to what's going on so then I realized my mother hadn't let me go anywhere for 3 mounts so I thought to myself dose she think my friends are bad or something so I finally express myself to my sister and she told me that I should just talk to her so I did talk to my mom and she went about saying how I'm disrespectful and I have do my choirs so I just went along with what she said because I wanted to go out with my friends she let me go and that night when I came home she was cool and she asked me how it go I told her and I was really happy because I though that things were going to be different but that was the biggest mistake I have ever thought she was so rude and mean to me for absolutely nothing she would just get mad and out of know we're say o u can't wait to be 18 huh well when u are don't think the world is going to just give u stuff like I do and I kid u not I really don't want to even argue with her I want to just be coo but she just down my back on a constant so in oder to express myself I tell my best friend everything that go's on in my household and sometimes I tell my sister and she always agrees with me and say she feels the same way and there's just so much more I can tell u but I can't keep writing all this down but I'll just say why I'm leaving I asked her a week in advance if I could go somewhere with my friends on the last day of school and she said yes I could then yesterday I got fired form a job that took me so long to get because she didn't want to take me to work and she was my only way there then she was like u an it going nowhere with your friends tomorrow and I sending you to your dad's for the whole summer (I don't get along with him at all) so now this is were I draw the line I'm don't with her and her b. 's I have plans I can go and I was planning to go to a awhile ago but now that I'm fired I don't want to free load of of my friends I just got accepted into my high schools nursing program but I don't want to mess that up if I runaway what do I do please help me because I'm ready to leave now

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    RE: I'm ready to leave can't take it anymore


    Thank you for reaching out to the National Runaway Safeline and sharing with us some of what has been going on. We are so sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard time. We are so glad that you have reached out to us and we are here to listen and support you in what ways we can.

    It sounds like you have had issues with your mom and her new boyfriend for a while now. It must be hard to be living with someone that you don’t feel has your best interest at heart and allowing their significant other to do the same. You mentioned that you had talked with your sister and she suggested that you talk to your mom. We are so sorry to find that the aftermath of that conversation did not go as you had hoped. Reaching out to your sister and then your mom and trying to talk about how your feeling sounds like a really brave thing that you did. One option you have is to find a family member or friend that you trust to mediate between you and your mom. Sometimes having a third party be present in the conversation can be helpful to make sure both parties are being heard. We offer that here at NRS if you don’t have someone that you can trust. This might be a time to talk to your mom about your summer plans and that you do not want to go to your dads house. We do a conference call here, where you would call us and we would then call out to your mom and conduct a three-way call between all three of us.

    It sounds like you are a very strong and resourceful individual and you are great at taking initiative. You have reached out to us in hoped of finding out what is best for you. It sounds like you have a lot of great things going for you, one of which is that you got into your school nursing program. That is amazing and we at NRS would like to send you a congratulations on achieving that. It sounds like it was really important to you.
    You had asked us what to do. We cannot tell you what is best for you, you are the only one that can make the decision. We are here to go over options and to make sure that you are safe in what you decide. Our only concern is that you are safe. You are the expert in your life and can make the best decision for you.

    You mentioned that you are wanting to leave but you are unsure about what you might do. We understand that you do not want to free load off or your friends and you are feeling like you need to get out. We are not legal experts, but we can speak in general terms what would happen if you decided to leave before you turn 18, which is generally the age of an adult. If you were to leave, then your parents would have the option of filing a runaway report. Running away is not a criminal offense, it is just a status offense. If you are caught, then you are just brought back home to your parents.

    However, anyone that you care caught with could be charged with harboring a runway.
    In terms of school when a youth decides to leave home, the police usually will inform your parents to inform the school that you have runaway. If you go to school, when they take attendance, they will know that you have attended and they would have to notify your parents or the police.

    You also mentioned that you are 17. That can be a tricky age and it really depends on your local police department will handle a 17 year old that does not want to go home. Some will allow your parents to make the runaway report but they will not actively look for you, while others may force you to return home until the day you turn 18.

    We hoped this helped and we would like to congratulate you again on your acceptance to the nursing program. If you would like to discuss your situation in greater detail you can always give us a call or chat with us during our chat hours. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing from you.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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