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Running Away From Abusive Household

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  • Running Away From Abusive Household

    I am going to an old caseworkers house today or very soon, and the plan is that she will contact cps or the police and tell them where I am and I can refuse to go home and figure out mediation. I want to terminate my fathers parental rights. He's manipulative and emotionally abusive, not so much physically because he recently got a caps report for telling me he wanted to hit me and raising his fist at me multiple times, this being the most recent event not the first or last. I tried to just o to my mothers in Georgia, but he won't let me. He's trying to claim I'm not unsafe I'm just having pity parties and want attention and to get out of trouble when it's all bull and none of it is true he just doesn't want to get caught. He's trying to keep me here and told me he'd correct me before I turn 18 and told me if he finds out I'm still talking to people about him being abusvie he'll take me out of school and homeschool me. I'm not stupid, I know it's really because he wants to cut off all communications. So I'm leaving and the plan is to let cps know where I am so they can investigate the situation. My question is, what will happen? My last caseworker for the cps report after one phone call with my dad told me she doesn't think he's abusive or that I need to be removed, she thinks I have rules and I just don't want to follow them. She was convinced by my dad that I'm crazy and a liar. He's been telling many people I'm crazy and a liar and manipulative and nothing I say is true. My mom wants to come get me but she can't without being charged as kidnapping. I really need to get out of this place and if I don't I am going to end up killing myself.
    two police officers actually came to the house were staying at (we don't have our own house right now) and had to check if I was safe because I planned on killing myself. My dad got mad and grounded me and told me I don't want to die I'm just selfish and shallow and a liar and trying to get attention and told me "grow the ( ) up"
    i hate my dad, and I want nothing to do with him anymore.
    he broke my heart before any boy could.
    is this going to work out?
    will they make me go home?
    will I be charged?

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    Hi, thanks so much for reaching out to us here at NRS! From what you shared it sounds like you are going through a really tough situation and you are very strong for taking this first step to see how we can help. We are going to go over a few resources and can help you make a plan on what you want to do but, if any of those don’t sound to fit your situation or you want to talk about them more feel free to reach out to us here.
    Firstly, we want to say we are very sorry to hear what is going on with your dad. You do not deserve to be treated that way by him and made to feel that you are doing something wrong. The way he is manipulating you and he situation is very difficult and we are going to try to help in any way we can. Your current plan of reaching out to an old caseworker sounds like something that could help if you are comfortable doing that. We know you mentioned that the other caseworker does not believe what is going on at home so, reaching out to a previous caseworker can certainly help. Again, you do not deserve to be abused in anyway and the way you are handling this situation is very mature and thought out as you have a plan to get CPS directly involved again. The next steps you can take are to think through the rest of this plan and see if making a specific list of what you want to talk to the CPS workers that wil arrive. You can think about talking about your mom as an alternative to live with and if you have any documenation of what your dad has been doing (even just talking about having to reac out to your prior caseworker). Again those are just a few things to think about and of course we are always here to see if we can help you make those plans.
    We are not legal experts so it is hard to say what will happen but, there is a resource out there that can help explaining how CPS could react in your situation and answer any other questions about child abuse and CPS. They are called Child Help (1-800-422-4453) and are the national child abuse hotline. They can answer any questions you have about the process and help you with any questions specifically about CPS and child abuse reporting. Again we can also try to help you and even call out to them while you are on the line with us if you feel comfortable reaching out to us here at 1-800-RUNAWAY.
    Again, it sounds like you have been through a lot and are actively trying to change your situation and are taking great steps to do so. We are here 24/7 if you want to talk through a plan or call out to Child Help, or even just talk about anything else you want. You are really brave and we hope to hear from you soon!

    Best, NRS
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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