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  • Should she go this way?

    I have a friend who was talking about running away to see her father. Her father lives in California and we live in New York. She's actually been planning for a long time and she managed to map out a freight trains route that went all the way from our state to her dad's. She already asked her mom to see her dad and it's been a while but her mom said he would have to come here if they wanted to see each other. I think she's kind of on the verge of craziness but maybe not because she has already managed to persuade 3 other people to go with her who just want to see California. All together than would be a 12 year old (her) an 11 year old a 13 year old and a 15 year old she also asked me to come with. I said I'd think about it but I know she'll go no matter what. Just wondering but I was trying to find a different way for them to go and since she has a 15 year old friend could they buy greyhound bus tickets because thats alot safer? I think they could but it didn't say if people under 15 had to have someone over 18 with them or not.

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    Re: Should she go this way?

    Thank you for contacting the NRS. It is very nice of you to seek out more information and to get some help to offer your friend. That shows that you are a concerned and caring friend. It seems as if your friend only wants to leave home in order to visit her father. You mentioned that her mom said that the only way for her to see him is if he comes to where she lives. Is this still an option? Can your friend ask her father to come visit her as her mom suggested? If you are positive that you friend will take off no matter what, it is good to know that she has been planning for some time now and that she at least has a plan. Are you sure about her planning to take a frieght train away to her? Did she actually mean that or was she thinking more like a passenger train? If you want to pass our number 1-800-RUNAWAY on to her and/or the youth who plans on running with her, we can definitely help. We can just listen and talk and make sure that they have come up with a game plan and a few options to ensure their safety "if" they decide to leave. You can tell them that we are available 24 hours and that we are confidential.


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