My biological dad left when I was three. He was abusive to both my mom and I so she filed for a divorce. Three years later, my mom met the man who is now my stepdad. He was okay at first, but when I was eight, my little brother was born. Since then, my stepdad has been extremely impatient towards both me and my brother. He yells and curses at us for almost everything we do and he thinks it's funny when we cry. When I was 13, I came out as bisexual, and he told me that if "I ever went fully gay or dated a girl, I might as well kill myself" and that he would disown me. A few days later he caught me self harming, and he just laughed loudly and walked off. It's now gotten to the point where even my brother (who is only eight) has expressed to me multiple times that he wanted to kill himself and that he is scared of him. And through it all, my mom just watches, and she doesn't see a problem and doesn't say anything. I'm scared to call anyone and report it in fear that my stepdad will come after me.
I have a boyfriend who does it best to get my parents to like him but my dad always treats him like garbage for no reason, even going as far as telling him to F off, and my stepdad doesn't trust me at all with him, even though we haven't done anything remotely bad.
I'm sixteen and I want to get out of this house. I have a close friend who her and her parents would let me stay with. But I live in Alabama, and I don't want to chance them taking me back, charging my friends family, separating us, and hating me even more. And I don't want to just abandon my brother either. I don't know what to do.