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so many issues, so little time.... please help!!!

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  • so many issues, so little time.... please help!!!

    Hey, uhm..... lets see.... where to start.... well back in march of 08 i lost 2 very close family members within 3 days of eachother.... I have been diagnosed with clinical depression in i think feburary of 08, and i have insulin resistance which is borderline type 2 diabetes and i was born with it and there isn't much i can do about my weight. My entire life i have had weight issues and gotten torn down and never had many friends, and ive gotten made fun of HORRIBLY like....... really horrible, the people i showed couldn't believe it. but yeah, and thats been bad. I had to switch schools for a half a year cause my dad got layed off, but when we got the buy out money we moved back into my old neighborhood and got me back into my private school. which was probably the biggest mistake ever. Once i switched back one of my best friends for 6 or 7 years had turned completely against me and started making fun of me horribly, just as bad as everyone else. Now i am supposed to be going into 8th grade, but i got held back because i had to drop out of 7th and do the work at home because of my suckish life. so i have to redo 7th again.... And im loosing ALL of my friends and there is LOTS of peer pressure and things like that. My dad now is unemployed and is searching for a job but cant find one, and my mom works overtime ALL the time and i never get to see her and im ALLWAYS stuck watching over my 3 little brothers. and the youngest one who is about to turn 5, well, im not sure if this is accident or purpous, but he actually called me "mom" and i dont know what to do. I am extremely worried about my brothers and all my so called "friends" have lots of problems too, and i tend to put others before my self, but i just cant stand it anymore. my parents say they are giving up on me with my school work and things like that, i had to drop out of my select soccer team to watch my siblings. and i am REALLY good with all insturments and music and screen writing and things, but they never give me any credit for it. and there are LOTS of more family problems going on and my relationships with LOTS of people are going down the drain. i have seriously thought about running away 2 states away to TN where my uncle lives because i am really close to him, but idk.... Im kinda iffy on the whole idea because i know my parents love me and all, but they tend to favor my brothers more. and i know they would get the police involved and things, but...... i am just stuck. i know i have LOTS of alternatives, but i already am on anti depressants, [perscribed], i go to a couple councelers, and things like that, but none of them help me. i have tried talking to my friends, their parents, my parents, my eldest little brother who is 9, my counselers, my pediatrician, my lipid clinic doctor, and LOTS of other people, but i get no help. i am running out of ideas.... i know my story isn't as bad as some on here, but i feel like i am in a living hell. please help!! thanks.

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    Re: so many issues, so little time.... please help!!!

    Wow! That is a lot going on. You mentioned so many different things that you’re going through right now; loss of family members, health issues, problems with friends, moving and changing schools, issues with parents. No wonder you feel so overwhelmed! It sounds like there’s been a lot of changes, that haven’t been very positive recently Just because it’s not as “bad” as what other people are going through, doesn’t mean it’s not something that’s affecting you and something you need help with. Everyone goes through different experiences, some better than others. That doesn’t make your experiences any less hurtful or frustrating. We’re so sorry to hear about the loss of your family members. It’s hard to loose someone close, especially two people back to back. On top of all that, you have to deal with friends turning into bullies, changing schools, your family’s financial struggles and other family dynamics. It’s great that you’re reaching out to those around you for support. It’s probably incredibly frustrating to not have received the kind of help that you’re looking for. At this point, what is it that you think would help you?

    You mentioned that you want to runaway to an uncle’s house in TN. Have you told anyone of this plan? If you did leave, what do you think would happen? You mentioned your parents would call the police, do you think they would want you to return home? Just so you know they do have the right to do this, even if you’re with another family member. Also, if your uncle knows you’re a runaway and allows you stay anyways without telling your parents where you are, he could potentially get into trouble for harboring a runaway. If you do just leave and go to your uncles, and then end up back at home later, do you think things would get better or worse? Do you think your parents would let you go stay with your uncle for a while?

    It sounds like you’re just in a really hard position right now. You have your own things to deal with and your home life isn’t making it any easier. We’re glad that you found our website today and shared a little of your story with us. We’d be happy to talk more in depth with you about any of this. Our hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY, is available 24/7. We aren’t here to tell you want to do, but rather just listen, support you and talk about the different options. We also want to make sure that you have a safe plan if you do decide to runaway. Give us a call sometime, someone is always here!
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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