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    I am having really bad family problems.. I live with both my parents and 5 other brothers and sisters, I'm in the state of Florida. I've been doing a lot of research to find ways to get outta my house since I turned 15, I'm 17 now and will b turning 18 in 2 months and the reason I want to leave now more then ever is because about 6 months ago we had family over and my cousin noticed that the man who is living with us was on his phone a lot, and when he finally left it alone for awhile, she went for it and started to look through it that's when she found out that he was taking pictures of me and my younger sisters and it had not just been once it was multiple times and most of them were very inappropriate, my cousin told my parents and my mom was very upset about it but my dad seemed to not want to believe what was seen and tried to make it seem like it was something else when clearly it wasn't. My parents then told me to b more careful of what I wear and what I do when I am around him once I found out I thought both of my parents would agree to make this man leave and I thought that was the reason why he did after my family had left, about a month ago he came back with his oldest daughter she stayed for a week and he never left I'm currently still living with this man and just two ago I noticed him sitting with his phone pointing at me and a camera noise going off. And believe me it's an older phone so I know he wasn't taking a selfie butI am afraid for both of younger sisters and I, knowing this man is still sleeping under the same roof as us. My mom and dad make it seem like they don't care for our safety letting this man stay here. I want to leave but I also don't want to leave my younger sisters behind.

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting us here at the National Runaway Safeline. It sounds like you have been going through a really tough situation and we are sorry to hear about all of this. No body deserves to be abused in any way, and it sounds like this man has been harassing both you and your sisters. We’re here to help you the best that we can.

    So it sounds like your parents have been made aware of what this man has done and seems to be continuing to do, but they have not changed the living situation. This sounds extremely uncomfortable. You have the right to feel safe in your own home. Have you thought about reporting this with either the police or Child Protective Services? If this is something you would like to explore further as an option, you can call us any time and we can talk through what it would look like, or we can even help you make a report. Child Help USA at (800) 422 4453 is also an option as a resource that could help make a report and talk through this as well.

    It sounds like you have been doing all the right things as far as communicating your discomfort to your parents. It has got to be really upsetting not to get the help that you are asking for from them. Do you think that talking to them with an unbiased third party would be helpful? It sounds like your dad has been denying that this is an issue which has got to be tough. One option might be to discuss in a counseling setting, with someone to mediate the conversation. Another option is to call us here at NRS, and we could conduct a conference call with you, us and a legal guardian.

    We’re not here to tell you what to do, we’re just here to work through your options with you. Our biggest priority is always your safety. If you are thinking of leaving and need a place to go, we can look up shelter resources for you and even call out on your behalf.

    You do not deserve to be going through this. We’re here to talk and listen. We’re anonymous and confidential, so nothing that you share is going anywhere unless you decide that it should. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Good luck and stay safe,
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)
    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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