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I Don't Feel Safe or Loved at Home Anymore

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  • I am 13 I will be 14 in September k have only been living with my mom and my step dad for a few years my mom was never in my life that much when I was younger I would be living with my grandma and once I started to live with my parents I would get called fat and told I don't need to wat so much and I lost a bunch of weight because of it I have to do all the cleaning in my house all the time and I get called lazy I have no social life outside of my house my parents have cameras around our house and keep taking all of my things if I don't do something and all because I don't do what they want I get my things taken I have tried to kill myself 2 times living here and have cut my wairst and they are going to take my door and I don't feel safe here


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      Thank you for reaching out to us at National Runaway Safeline (NRS). We are happy to help you and provide you with support during this time.

      It sounds like your parents are body-shaming you by calling you fat, and that has affected you negatively. It also sounds like your parents are taking away your things and invading your privacy, such as removing your door. We recognize the courage and strength that it takes to reach out when you need help, and we are glad that you did. Please know that you do not deserve to be treated this way by anyone, under any circumstance.

      You mentioned that you’ve tried to kill yourself 2 times and that you have cut yourself. Please know that you are not alone and that you deserve to feel supported and loved. If you ever feel like you’re in immediate danger of hurting yourself, you can always call or text 988 for help with thoughts of suicide.

      If you would like more resources to answer any other questions you might have, don’t hesitate to reach out to us over chat through our website ( or over the phone through our 24 hour hotline (1-800-RUNAWAY).

      Thank you again for reaching out to us. We are here 24/7 and have someone available to talk.


  • Hi i am 16 and my parents are divorced and I don’t fill safe in ether house hold my dad doesn’t do anything but use me when my other siblings don’t wanna do i have no choice but to do it it fills like I never been loved and my mom’s side is even worse she threatened me with a bat she has knocked me out before put me out in the cold at 5 in the morning she won’t let me eat she makes me stay at home every day and watch her kids if I don’t she goes crazy and kicks me out and my dad treats me like a criminal he call me a thief and a ********** juss to get under my skin he doesn’t let me go anywhere or do anything in life it fills like im in prison please help me with a way i can juss move with my grandma asap


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      Hi, thank you for reaching out to us at National Runaway Safeline. We appreciate and recognize the courage it takes to reach out and let us know what is going on. It sounds like you are in a tough situation, and have a lot going on right now. It is completely understandable to want change and a way out. You should never be made to feel unsafe or unloved. It may be helpful for you to consider reaching out to us via chat or phone call so, we can learn a little bit more about your situation. For the time being, if you feel comfortable, having a conversation with your mother or father about staying with your Grandmother might be helpful. You also have the option to report any abuse at Additionally, speaking with a social worker or a counselor at school may be helpful in navigating issues with your family as well as the legal aspect of moving in with your Grandmother. Please consider reaching out to us at 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929); (click on the chat button). We are a 24-hour service and are available to help anytime. Chatting with us directly would give us the ability to address your needs more specifically, and we hope to hear from you soon. If you are at risk of any danger or feeling unsafe, we encourage you to reach out to 911 or seek emergency assistance immediately. Thank you for reaching out to us here at NRS. Be safe!
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