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  • I need some help..

    My dad always calls me names like **********, skank, ect. Whatever I say he always starts yelling and physically abuses like squeezing my arm or pushing me. One time he was yelling at me and it started to scare me so I ran in my room and locked the door and he literally tore my door down. I keep a knife by my bed for saftey reasons though I have never used it but I've been so close to calling the police because I was having a panic attack and he was yelling at me and trying to get me. My mom I think is scared to go against him so I really have no safe place or person. Usually when he does it, I tack up my horse and ride to my aunt's and not comeback untill night time. No one really knows anything except a friend and she doesn't know the whole story. I just need to find a way that I can get out and go live with family or friends. I love my mom but if she condones the abuse and stays with him then I will leave her too. I don't even talk to my dad anymore really and whenevr he's home I'm always in my room because I just feel unsafe around him. I just don't want to be here to see how far he will actually go to hurt me..

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    RE: I need some help..


    Thank you for writing into the National Runaway Safeline bulletin board. From your post, it sounds like you’re going through a very rough time right now. You definitely don’t have to be treated that way. Especially when you’re at home; a place that is supposed to be a safe and loving place for you. You always have the right to report any abuse to your local police department or child protective service in your state. If you don’t feel like you’re not comfortable or if you might not know how to do that, you can always call us anytime you want. There is always someone here to help you. If you ever do feel as though you are unsafe and your health is at risk, then you should reach out to the police.

    You mentioned that you might have some family members that you are thinking about staying with to get away from the abuse. It also seems as though cannot talk to anyone else about what has been going on expect your friend. How do you think it will go if you were to try to reach out to your aunt’s? Support from someone that you can trust is always great and important to have. Just remember that we are also here to help and support you in any way that we can. During these times of mental/verbal/emotional abuse, what kinds of things do you normally do to help yourself cope with those feelings?

    From what you have told us it sounds like one of the ways that you are thinking about doing is run away from home. It sounds like you have been thinking about it a lot if you already planned to stay with family members. What do you think your overall plan is (i.e how long would you be able to stay, transposition, financial stability, school options, etc)?
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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