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  • ccsmod0
    RE: I want out

    Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting us tonight. It sounds like you’re going through a lot at home. First of all, your stepdad is absolutely wrong for treating you this way. You seem like a thoughtful person and you have every right to feel safe and respected in your home. So let’s see how we can help you out tonight.
    It might be important to know that know you are 19, you have the right to live wherever you want. It sounds like you understand that, but we just wanted you to be aware that since you are over the age of 18 you now can choose where you want to live.

    It sounds like you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how you might be able to better your situation. That’s really impressive. At this point, it looks like you are not able to receive financial aid, but that you have gotten some scholarships. Your grandma covers the rest. It sounds like, then, you would have to worry about the cost of living (rent, food, etc). Ok, so finding jobs can be difficult (as you’ve experienced). However, there probably is support out there for you. Have you tried talking to anyone at your university about work study programs (where you work at the university and they cover some costs)? Another option might be to talk to someone in the Dean of Student’s office about ways to get employment. Many colleges have programs that will try to help students financially. We hope these suggestions help.

    If you want to talk through anything else or have any questions about any of these suggestions, you can call us 24 hours a day at 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929). We are completely confidential and anonymous. If you can’t call in, you can chat with us through our website ( from 4.30pm-11.30pm Central Time. We look forward to your call or chat.

    You’ve been through so much and we’re here to help you through this time. Anything you need at all, feel free to call or chat with us.

    Best of luck to you,


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    Guest started a topic I want out

    I want out

    I'm 19, attending college, currently jobless, and feeling pretty down. I live with my mom and step-dad, he's super strict and controlling. He reads through my texts and mocks my conversations on them, I'm forbidden from having guy friends visit me (even when my mom is home) unless he is there, I can't text past 10:30pm, I can't use Skype or FaceTime with anyone at all, and I can't even close my bedroom door unless I am changing. I dont have a car and have to constantly coordinate with friends to get rides to class because he makes a big deal out of having to take me. When I can't get rides and I need my mom to take me, he constantly tells me how little i comtribute to the family and how he's tired of always having to resolve my problems. I'm constantly getting grounded/ in trouble for the dumbest things, and it is really exasperating. I can't seem to do anything right or catch a break. I've been looking for jobs around my university and house but it's been hard since I've got little experience and there's a lot of competition. I'm a Biomed major and want to go to med school someday, I don't want to screw up my GPA. Plus med school requires volunteering hours and shadowing hours and they like to see research experience. I often dont sign up for things that would help my career because i know i would not be able to get transportarion (since he wont take me and my friends are busy). I really want to move out. The problem is, he makes too much $ for me to get suitable financial aid and I know once I move out I will be cut off completely. I have two scholarships and my grandma pays whatever tuition is left over and sends money for books. My mom doesn't work and can't help me pay for anything and my father hasn't payed child support in a year (I moved from Puerto Rico where he must continue payments until I turn 21, especially if enrolled in college). None of my family lives nearby and the last thing I want to do is burden one of my friends or their parents. I'm so unhappy here but I like my university and don't want to move back to Puerto Rico. I have better opportunities here in the states. Please give me some advise. I'm trying not to drown in student loans until med school.
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