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i wanna run away from home. please help me.

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  • ccsmod1
    RE: Plz Read.


    Thank you for reaching out here on the National Runaway Safeline Bulletin boards. We are here to listen and support you in any way that we can. If you need some help, please call our 24 hour hotline at 1-800-RUNAWAY. These Bulletin Boards are confidential and anonymous, so keep in mind that if you put your contact info into a post it might not make it onto the bulletin board. You must be going through a difficult time right now. Please call 1-800-RUNAWAY or chat with us on this website between 4:30pm and 11:30pm Central Standard time. We are happy to help in any way that we can.

    Best of luck,


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  • ccsmod4
    I wanna run away from home. Please help.

    Thank you for posting to the National Runaway Safeline bulletin board.
    We are sorry to hear about your situation.
    We understand how hard divorce can be on the children involved it sounds like it has been very emotional for you.
    Were able to talk about your feelings with anyone?
    Counseling has been one option that many children of divorce have considered or tried.
    It may be a way to establish better communication methods between you and your mom.
    Does that sound like something you might want to try?

    Sometimes people just want someone to listen; they want to be able to express their feelings.
    Good for you reaching out to do just that.

    It sounds like you are considering leaving home but do have a plan as to where you will go?
    Your safety is very important and while one can understand about needing some time to think or just get away for a while it’s a good idea to of a sense about staying safe.
    Does that make sense?

    We are available 24hrs a day and you can call our toll free crisis line at 1-800-Runaway (786-2929) to discuss some possible options such a safe place or counseling services.

    You can also reach us by visiting our website and joining in on our live chat service available from 4:30pm until 11:30pm (CST) 7 days a week at: or contact us via our email address [email protected]

    We appreciate the fact that you reached out to NRS and want to assure you that we have an open ear with confidentiality and you may call anonymous.
    Take care

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    Guest replied
    Wanna run away!!!!

    My name is Jared I'm 16 year old in The United States.i haven't seen my dad in 5 years ever scene my mom n dad got divorced so u know that but a Hurt on me well recently like 5 mins ago me and my mom got in to a huge argument and no it's not like a little argument it a huge argument I can't even count on my hands how many we get in to a month it's very tiring and sick of it and right now as I type this I'm packing my bagg wish me luck

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  • ccsmod2
    Thank you for reaching out to us and telling us your story. It sounds like you are going through a very difficult time right now and we hope to be able to help you out. Unfortunately, we are located in the United States but we may be able to help you find some resources located in India.

    We are sorry to hear that your aunt says mean things to you that make you cry. Nobody deserves to feel unsafe or afraid in their home. We are also sorry to hear that your dad passed when you were young. Can you tell us more about why you are currently living with your aunt?

    You also mentioned that you had tried suicide several times and feel that you have nobody to talk with. Are there any trusted adults in your life (teachers, friends parents, etc..) that you feel comfortable talking with? We were able to locate an agency in India called Childline India Foundation; you can call them by dialing 1098 but they also have a website ( that you can look at as well.

    Here at the National Runaway Safeline, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need more resources. We have chat services available from 4:30 PM-11:30 PM (CST) through our website if you would like to talk with someone that way instead.

    We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck!


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    Guest started a topic i wanna run away from home. please help me.

    i wanna run away from home. please help me.

    hey, i'm 16 from india and i wanna run away from home. i'm having all kinda family problems. i really wanna leave.
    i feel like i 'm an obstacle to my family.
    my dad died wen m about 6yrs old. my mom got remarried n i live with my aunts. my àunt didnt get married and she blame me for that. she acts so nice and carring for me in public. so, people like my friend etc said that i'm like a princess. but actually, she scolds me lik hell wen we are alone. she said things she shouldn't i cried almost everyday. i cant take this pain anymore i feel like i will be out of my mind someday... i'v tried to suicide several times. so, please help me. i dont have anyone to talk to.
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