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I need info about finding a shelter, etc

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  • ccsmod2
    First off we want to say how great it is that you alone decided to reach out to us; it sounds like this may have been a big step for you considering how independent you’ve been for quite some time now. Just so you have a better idea of who we are, NRS is an organization whose goal is to help youth in crisis, mostly those who have ran away. Unfortunately, since all I really know about your location is that you live in southern California I can’t really provide you with concrete places that are near where you live.

    However, you did tell me your school, so I could look up some options near there. There is a transitional housing option that may be available through an organization called SHARE. The number for that is (310) 305-8878. You could also try calling the California department of Social Services and look for resources they may have. The number for that is (916) 651-6569, they may have some housing programs available.

    If those don’t work out you could always feel free to call our hotline at (1-800) 786-2929 and we can work more towards helping you find some resources. Also, if you’re feeling a little worried about calling, or you may not know what to say, you could call our hotline and we could help you through that process. We’re a 24/7 line so you can call at any time. Best of Luck!


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  • Unregistered
    Guest started a topic I need info about finding a shelter, etc

    I need info about finding a shelter, etc

    Hello, um.. idk really just going to see if this works. Anyways im trying to find a way to get government assistance for finding a home. Since my dad passed away last year, i have been trying to find out if there is a way that the government provides help/if you know an organization that helps low income 18yr olds.

    My mom has decided she doesnt want me in her life again.

    I know technically im an adult, living in southern California. But my mom who i havent seen since 3rd grade and who i am now temporarily living with, is only living on government money (idk exactly what) and her boyfriends salary which is very small. I need help finding a place, i need to finish high school senior year, and just started in culver city, its an adult school.

    My friends said there may be a program that helps teens in my situation, find housing till they graduate. I was hoping if you may know this program & if you had any organizations that could help me?

    I never had any guidance as a child and i basically raised myself. So im asking you for a little help.
    Thank you for reading this, hopefully i can here from you soon.
    Have a good day
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