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17 and fed up

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  • ccsmod8
    RE: 17 and Fed Up


    We appreciate you reaching out to tell us about your situation at home. It sounds tough. It seems like you are beginning to think about a way out right now. You deserve to feel safe at home. It is not fair to you. It sounds like you will prefer an environment that is free of screaming and cursing. There seems to be a lot of changes happening in your home also. It may be stressful to everyone involved.

    You mentioned you feel like your mother emotionally and physically abuse you. You deserve to protect yourself from it. We are not in a position to tell you what to do. We cannot give you legal advice because we are not legal experts. We also cannot tell you to leave or stay. You are the one who knows when the time has come when you cannot take it anymore. Have you reached out to an adult in your life that you trust? Have you thought about seeing a counselor at school?

    It sounds like you are saying that it is your fault why your parents are divorcing. Do you feel it is fair to put that burden on yourself? It seems they have made an adult decision to seperate and you are caught in the middle of it. This must be very hard for you. Although we are a confidential and anonymous hotline we are also mandated reporters. Have you thought about reporting this to social services?

    As stated, you deserve to feel safe in your own home. We can report emotional and physical abuse. We are 24 hours. We can be reached at 1800RUNAWAY if that is something you want to do. You also have the option to call the police if you do not feel safe at home. They may be able to tell you your rights and what you can do to remain safe at home. They tend to respond at their own discretion. Another option is emancipation. You mentioned getting a job soon and having a place to stay. What will your parents do if you were to live elsewhere?

    We hope you are able to give us a call soon to discuss alternatives to running away. We can help you figure out other ways to cope. We hope you continue to stay strong. Good luck.

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    Guest started a topic 17 and fed up

    17 and fed up

    I am 17 years old and i live in illinois. my mother is controlling, mean, emotionally abusive and she cant be talked to without her screaming. My parents are getting a divorce and it is all my fault and i cant have any friends without my mother digging and trying to find something bad about them. She is getting a little to controlling for a 17 year old person. She has outbreaks of screaming cursing and sometimes physical contact. If she is going crazy on me, can i leave the house? what should i do? i have many places where i could live. I am getting a job soon, i will be able to pay for my basic needs. i just want to be a normal teenager, not a teenager that cant do anything all the time.
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