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  • I can't stand it anymore

    My mom is constantly getting on me for everything. The other day I went to the gas station after school with about 10 of my closest friends and a teacher. My mom punished me and grounded me for 3 weeks because I didn't call and ask her permission. I said I thought it would be ok since there was a teacher there but she still punished me. My mother also thinks I'm sleeping with this guy. I borrowed his shirt for opposite sex day and now my mom came to the conclusion that he's my boyfriend and that I've been sleeping with him. She even made me a gyno. appt. to get tested. I'M A VIRGIN! My appt. isn't until next week though. My mom is so unfair and is constantly yelling at me and accusing me for things I don't do. I just can't stand living here. Help!

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    Re: I can't stand it anymore


    Thank you for reaching out to us at the National Runaway Switchboard and we hope that we could help you out in some way. It sounds like you are having a lot of trust issues with your mother and base on what you stated, it seems that she has no reason not to trust you. Nonetheless, you sound like a rational person who just wants her mother to understand that you are going to make mistakes but it is a matter of allowing you to grow up and appreciate other things in the process. However, you certainly deserve the respect if you feel that you are in the right here and that you have not done anything to make your mother assume otherwise.

    What needs to change at home for you to become more comfortable around your mother? What are some ways you can prove to your mother that you are not what she imagine you to be? Have you thought about setting up a specific time to talk to your mother about how you are feeling right now? Is there someone who is able to speak on your behalf for you? It sounds like your mother wants to be kept up on everything that is happening with you even if it means being intrusive on some levels but there are ways that you can figure out how to regain trust if you were willing to act to secure it again. Can you brainstorm some ideas for how you are going to reach out to her or has the time come for you to finally leave? You are the only one that is capable of knowing for sure how much more you are able to put up with but you are always welcome to call us to talk about what plans you have for dealing with the situation. We are here 24 hours a day to listen even if it means for you to vent some of your frustrations so that you get some of what you are feeling out in the open. You can reach us at 1800runaway and we are very confidential and non-judgmental.

    If you had already agreed to go to this appointment next week, is it safe to say that this is certainly one way to prove to your mom that you are not engaged in any of the acts she is accusing you of. Are you able to imagine this to be a time for you to feel empowered when the truth is revealed that you are not intimate with this young man? Maybe this needs to take place for you to then find the time to share with your mother about learning to trust you for who you are and not what she has concluded that you have become. At this time, take this moment to reflect on what you truly want out of this situation and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Good luck.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

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