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I can't stay here any more.

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  • I can't stay here any more.

    The other day I tried to talk to my mom about letting me pay for a short trip to Florida to take my girlfriend to her homecoming dance. Before I asked her, I made sure I had everything planed out, because she always tells me to never ask her anything, without planing the details first. I told her that I had it all planed out so that I would be able to pay myself (as opposed to paying her back, another thing she hates). I didn't go in there to ask her, thinking that it would be a simple "yes". I knew that it was likely she would say no, but I thought she would appreciate me asking her, instead of assuming (yet another thing she hates). I asked her in the nicest way I could, but she blew up in my face. Again.

    She started yelling at me, telling me that I don't deserve anything like that, and then went hysterical, saying that my girlfriend was trying to control us. She was convinced that I wasn't asking her the way I did because I wanted to respect her, but because my girlfriend was controlling us. She then told me that she was going to call my girlfriend's mom, and tell her about what was going on. She was trying to get my girlfriend and I to split. If that's not HER controlling US, I don't know what is. I told her that she was making me feel like running away, and it didn't even phase her. After she was done yelling and ranting, I went outside to call my girlfriend. She didn't know that I was still right outside, because she was in her room on the other side of the house, but she never did anything about me leaving. I had told her that I wanted to run away, and she didn't even do anything about it.

    And that's not the only thing either. She always blows like this. She's a hypocrite when she does it too. She gets mad over the littlest things. For example, she spills something in the floor. She finds a way to blame it on me, to make me clean it up. She done it before, the whole time I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and she's crying telling me that I treat her like a slave, when I'm the one on the floor.

    She's not a mom. She gets up too early in the morning to say bye. She calls me from work occasionally, to make sure I put in the right DVD and set the time right, so she can watch her shows she's missing. She gets home around 7:00, comes in and goes straight to her computer. If there's one thing that doesn't work, I did it. It's automatically my fault, and I have to fix it. Later, she'll get something to eat from the kitchen. If she's used all the clean plates, it's cause I used them, although I eat at work anyways. After she eats, she goes into her room to watch TV. I'm not allowed to talk to her then. Her shows are to important to be interrupted by just me. Her work friends call her, and she'll talk for hours. But not me.

    I just don't want to stay here anymore. I don't want someone to tell me what I can do to get along with her. I'm past wanting to get along with her. I'm past trying to live with her. I just want to know what are my options for getting out of here.

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    Re: I can't stay here any more.

    Sorry to hear you are having such problems with mom. Has it always been like this? Have you and your mom ever been in counseling? Have you ever tried to tell your mom how you feel? If you did run away, where would you go? How would you stay safe? What do you think your mom would do if you did runaway?
    Hard to say what the best thing to do is, you seem pretty sure your mom won't change. If you call us at 1800runaway, we can talk about your options and maybe find a place for you to go.

    Good luck

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

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