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Parents giving me confusing messages!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Parents giving me confusing messages!!!!!!!!


    We thank you for taking time to reach us during such confusing times in your life. We gather you have a fondness for your parents despite the difficulties you face now. We certainly empathize with how you are feeling regarding the mix messages you are receiving from your parents. However, you seem to be implying that you like when things are going great and want to keep things that way. What we took from your post is that you feel you deserve to understand why your parents may want you to do something differently only if they were to give you the reason for it. We gather you simply want more open communication. It sound rather mature with that request and it makes complet sense.

    Is there a certain person you feel is a good choice to negotiate terms with you and your parents to settle this matter? We are glad you reached us for emotional support. You sound like a person who is able to be open to what they may want as long as they are willing to meet you on some sort of compromise. What we do at the hotline is make sure you have safe options. We also focus on ways to better your own situatoin at home if the goal was family reunification.

    We are not in a position to tell you what to do. We cannot give advice. We want to help. We have a conference call service here if you happen to be somewhere and is willing to call us to call home with you to speak with your parents over the phone. Do you think that is something you might want considering the nature of your situation? It may help to have someone who is able to speak with you and your parents to come to some civil agreement.

    Do you have any other alternative? One such option may be someone such as a local youth pastor if you are of such belief or a school counselor. Have you thought of speaking with a counselor to help you resolve the matter? We provide resources that may be helpful also. We have a database if you are seeking resources local to you. We can be reach 24 hours a day at 1800RUNAWAY if you are able to call for these resources or whether you are looking for a live person to chat with directly. We are confidential and anonymous. We want to help if you are considering leaving or staying.

    We cannot help you run away but we may be able to talk about safe options if you left. You can also count on us for support and resources if you decided against staying. We are able to be reached 24 hours a day from any phone for free. At the mean time we wanted to leave you with a few questions to consider: Where will you go, how will you survive, and what will your parents do if you ran away? We hope this info was helpful to you. We hope to hear from you soon. Good luck.


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    Guest started a topic Parents giving me confusing messages!!!!!!!!

    Parents giving me confusing messages!!!!!!!!

    Hi my name is T. and I live in the state of Washington. I am currently 14 and am almost 15. Me and my dad used to have a wonderful relationship when I was younger. As we moved 3 different times and I got older me and my dad began to but heads more and more. My mom used to be the one I could always go to when me and my dad were upset with each other. Until recently when she hasn't been staying in the middle, instead she completely sides with my dad.

    I have been going on and off with my current boyfriend Daniel. It has put a big strain on my own personal emotions. We are now together and we are both going through hard time right now and the easiest way to relax for me is to be with him.

    My mom is trying to have more of a relationship with me and help me fix my relationship with my dad. When me and my parents have good times together they give me everything, and really I don't even ask for that much. Now that I am spending more time with Daniel. They have been getting more and more upset with me over the littlest things!!! My parents won't let me stay out with my boyfriends family on the 4th of July. They don't want me to be with him over night. Every time I try to understand all they can tell me is that they just don't want me to. Like if they would give me some actual reasoning I could have a discussion but they never can.

    My bother is twelve and is getting basically the exact same treatment I am. The only real difference is that i have a boyfriend and i stay out about and hour and half later then him. I don't understand why me and my parents can't have discussions about anything they don't want me to grow up at all some days I am their 15 year old daughter and the next day I am a 4 year old who can never do anything right. I have come to the point were it is so much fighting and never getting anywhere that I am ready to leave!!!!
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