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Younger sister keeps running away Mom is Constantly worrying Help please

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    Re: Younger sister keeps running away Mom is Constantly worrying Help please


    Thank you for writing to us to tell us about what is happening with your sister. We imagine this situation is not easy for your entire family. Although we are not in a position to tell you what to do we hope that you or parents are able to reach us directly if you need emotional support over the phone. Our number is 1800RUNAWAY and we are here for all of you 24 hours a day. It sounds like your sister was able to stay put for some time but perhaps something or someone is influencing her decision to leave home or to not come home. This must be frustrating for all of you as we are sure your family is concerned for her safety. How are all of you coping with this matter?

    Have you or your family thought about filing a runaway report with your local police. It may help because it protects your parents from facing neglect charges if something were to happen to your sister. Of course we do not wish for such a thing to happen because we are concerned for her safety also. It also helps to track your sister locally and nationally in case she were to cross state lines. It may alert the police if they find her to return her home. The issue of keeping a youth home can be a challenging one for many families. Have your family sat with your sister to figure out what is really bothering her in order to take corrective measures?

    Another option may be to make posters if she decides to stay away for long. It may help to alert someone who knows of her that she ran away from home. One number to consider calling if your parents wants to register her is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1800-843-5678. They are 24 hours and help to make and distribute posters. We function in a capacity to help provide other resources that may help to find her or to communicate with her through us.

    We provide a message and conference call service in case your sister does not want to call home right away. By calling us, she is able to send messages home to your parents and vice versa to get things rolling until she is ready to come home. She may be able to find our number by sending word of mouth through friends and relatives to call us in case she wants to use the message service or call home directly with us on the phone with her. These are just a few option that may help to start a conversation with her if she can be reached by cell phone or online sites such as facebook or myspace. The more she knows about us the better it may be for her to call us. We also provide resources if she wants to consider seeing a counselor or for local support youths. We hope to hear back from you or anyone in your family soon. Good luck.


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  • Younger sister keeps running away Mom is Constantly worrying Help please


    I'm 22 years old I'm the oldest in my household I have a younger sister that is 16 and soon will be 17. She is constantly sneaking out at night and sometimes does not return home. Last week was the longest she has been gone with out us knowing where she was. This week she is at it again Yesterday not coming home and today coming home only to shower and change when everyone was working. I'm completely stressed and don't know what to do or how to help my mom.
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