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why can't i just run away?

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  • why can't i just run away?

    so in my opinion, my mother abuses me. verbally for the most part, but i'm pretty sure that verbal abuse is still an illegal offense? my mom has also put me in a headlock and slapped me. i called the police when she did this, i was tired of her treating me badly. after my mom told the cop that i had run away for a few hours last night and that i haven't been doing all my homework, the police officer said putting me in a headlock wasn't abuse, just discipline. i'm sorry but i don't think this officer was right. putting a child in a headlock isn't discipline. neither is threatening them or calling them terrible names...

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    RE: Why Can't I Just Run Away?


    Thank you for reaching out to us for support and services. We imagine this is not an easy time for you regarding your mistreatment. It was humbling to hear you described your situation but encouraging as you maintained what you know to be true. We imagine how difficult it may be to reach out to local authority for help but to be told something else. Only you can know for sure what is happening since you are living through it. We are not in the position to define or investigate abuse but we seek to empower you also to find ways to cope better with your situation if you were to stay home or to guide you if you had a safe plan if you were to leave.

    We are not legal experts but we are mandated to report abuse. You described your situation as in details by getting straight at the heart of what is happening. You do not deserve to be treated this way. We are with you on what you stated and want you to know that we are here for you to do what you may request of us within the perimeters of we are designated to do. If you wish to report abuse we can assist with that.

    We often discuss the pros and cons of doing it to make sure you know what may or may not come from it. We cannot guarantee the outcome but given the nature of what you described as an abusive environment pertaining to verbal and physical, we can imagine that this report once made right may help you feel supported and hopefully get some results for you and your family.

    It is not a guarantee that you will be taken out of the home and sent to live elsewhere. When we make a report, child and family services may come to your home to see what is happening. They may find something is wrong and seperate you from home or they may also provide you resources such as family therapy or individual counseling. They may offer your mom resources and other services to get her parenting classes. It depends on what they deem fit for the family intervention.

    We hope this info help you to see what we can do and cannot do. However, we want to support and offer you our services such as conferencing with mom if you are not at home. Your issue mean a lot to us. We hope you call to get in touch with one of our liners directly.



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