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    Hi Im 15 Years Old && Ma Mom Currently Moved To Miami Flordia , Well iWhuss In Syracuse Ny But iHAdd Got In To Trouble So My Mom Sent Me To Live With My Cousins In New Jersey , And Then , She Came and Got Me For There After About 2 Weeks And Told Me iWhuss Goinqq Back Too New York , Because She New Thats Where iwanted dTo Bee , iCryedd Everyday When iWhuss In New Jersey , Coss iReally Didnt Want To be There , iWhusnt Comfortable , Soo She Saidd That We Whuss Goinqq Back , But As Soon As We Got To Thaa Bus Station She Told me We Whuss gOinqq To Flordia , Now Im Here && iReally Really DONT Wnt To Be Here , iTell Her Everyday That iDont Like It Here And iWanna Go Back Home , && She Keeps Tellinqq Me Thaa Same Thanqq , IReally Wanna Kill My Self Becausee iReally Dont Wanna Be Here , && iFeel Like Imm Never Gunna Go Back To Syracuse , iMeann iM Really Thinkinqq About Runninqq Away , && Findinqq My Own way Back To Syraucuse , Coss iReally Cannot Take It Here , Caan Somebody PLEASE Help Me Out <3 Thanks

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    RE: I Cant Take It


    Thank you for reaching out to us here at the National Runaway Switchboard. We hope that we can continue to be of support if you ever need someone to talk to about this matter directly over the phone or resources local to you if you need someone more professional. We are not counselor but we are all trained the same way to assist you if you need a listening air. We are not in the position to tell you what to do but we hope you can call us at 1800RUNAWAY 24 hours day from any phone. We are confidential and anonymous.

    It sounds like you are having a hard time getting use to your new place. We imagine it must not be easy to move around so much over the years. It seems you are not really given a chance to choose and constant uprooting from city to city is causing you to miss those you want to be around. It sounds like Syracuse is your favored place. What if you were given the chance to visit over the summer? Do you think this is a conversation you may be able to have with your mother?

    We imagine you felt it was unfair to be told you were going back home only to be taken by surprise at the bus station. It sounds really stressful and gather it has become increasingly difficult to get use to a new place and to start over. Is this the reason why you feel like killing yourself? What triggers these thoughts? We are not experts in this area but we provide resources such as the National Suicide Hotline at 1800-273-TALK (8255) if you wish to speak to someone directly when these feelings arise. They can pinpoint ways to empower yourself. Does your mother know about these thoughts of yours? It sounds like you are saying that by her not listening you may feel even more isolated. Is this why you want to runaway?

    We are not legal experts but we can give a general overview of laws governing runaways and the differences you may face depending on police discretion. Every state differ in how they respond. It is not a crime to runaway but if someone were to harbor you or help you without your mother's permission they may risk harboring you and that is illegal. In some cases it is considered contributing to the deliquency of a minor. However, it depends on police response or whether they come looking for you. They do not always come looking because they do they think of runaways as a priority. We consider your safety as a priority. Do you have a plan? How will you survive if you left home?

    We are here for you if you ever were to leave and need resources to survive when you are gone from home. We can help to reconnect you with your mother if you need to call her to do a conference call or to leave a message for her directly. We provide services to help such as finding you a shelter if you are on the streets. We are confidential and anonymous. We do not track you if you call us. We do not have ways of knowing where you are or what number you call from if you call us. We simply want to help. If you want to call us before you leave we hope that you call to vent to us if you wish to do that. We want to hear from you and offer our support. We hope that you continue to find ways to remain safe. Good luck.



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